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This product is a high-tech beauty tool designed for facial cleansing. High frequency vibration technology with special soft silicone brush head can effectively separate the oil and dirt. Deeply cleanse skin and pores, reduce acne and achieve the result that improve your skin. This product unique soothing massage mode can help massage sides of nose, the skin around the eyes to relax facial muscles, help remove dead skin cells, promote facial cells regeneration, reduce wrinkles, lift, firm, anti-aging, and get your skin back to a overall healthy-glow!

Facial Cleansing Brush

SKU: 12000
$15.00 Regular Price
$5.25Sale Price
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  • Step 1: Remove makeup, wet face, apply cleanser to brush, enter clean mode.

    Step 2: Start with your chin, gently move from chin up the side your face up to forehead. repeat on opposite side of face.

    Step 3: Slide up and down the sides of the nose while cleaning the flanks of the nose. When cleaning around the eyes, gently use the lower strength vibration.

    Step 4: Wash off cleanser with lukewarm water and gently pat-dry face with dry clean towel.

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